SixEight Society for Community Impact.

SixEight Society for Community Impact.

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What we do at SixEight Food Pantry (A ministry of SixEight Church) is more than simply give out food. We are constantly working at refining out strategy to be able to build relationships with those we are able to serve in the hopes that we can offer more.

Why do we do this? Well, one of our core values is that every human being is made in God’s image. Because of this, everyone deserves to be treated with dignity and respect. That’s what we’re about. Not only treating people this way, but helping people see that they have worth and value. That <em>requires</em> more than food.

That said, we are a small church. It is quite a commitment for us to run this ministry. Between transportation, electricity, building use, etc. we spend nearly 10k on the food pantry each year. About half of that cost is offset by donations and grants.

Every week, as we open our doors and interact with our clients, something becomes spectacularly clear: there is much more that needs to be done. What we are doing – even though it’s a lot of work and we are blessed to have an AMAZING team of volunteers – is barely even scratching the surface.

So, we thought we would reach out beyond the walls of our building and see if there might be those out there would like to join in our cause. What is that cause?

We are trying to lead people from being consumers to contributors.

We think that everyone – every single person has something to offer. No matter how old or young, there is something that can be of benefit to someone else. There may be those who have limitations, some greater than others, but there is still something to be offered.

And it’s in the offering and giving that we actually start to treat people with dignity and respect. Simply giving a handout, while it seems noble, is not doing enough. It can even be a source of pride and arrogance. The dignity is in the exchange.

There are two things we need to be able to take this big step of leading people from consumer to contributor. People and money.

We need people who love the idea of what we are doing and are willing to join us, arm in arm, to make a difference in our community.

We also need funds. And, while we do need a fair amount of money, if there are enough who will support the idea, the load can be spread out among many.

In fact, what we are asking is for people to give 68 cents a day. That breaks down to be $20.68 per month.

For many of us, that’s an unnoticeable amount of money. Think about it, if you didn’t have that 20 bucks this month, how much would it affect your lifestyle? Most of us spend about that much on Netflix. We spend quite a bit more than that on our smart phones. If you eat out, you know that 20 dollars won’t feed very many people these days.

For others, it may be a bit of a stretch. It may mean one less trip to Dutch Bros. each week. It may mean driving a little less.

Regardless of your financial position, this is probably achievable for many. The question becomes, why should I give? There are hundreds of nonprofits asking for my money. Why should I give to you?

Well, in my mind there are hundreds of reasons. Maybe more. But, there is two big reasons that I think might help you.

1.) We are fiercely committed to our local community. We want to make an tangible impact on the community we are surrounded by. We aren’t trying to help people in countries around the world that we will never see face to face (not that there is anything wrong with that). Instead, we are trying to help people that we, you and I may see face to face around our community.

2.) We want to do more than simply throw food and money at the problem. No food fights allowed. We are also resolved to build relationships with those we serve so that we may be able to have an impact on how they live their lives, with the unabashed hope of helping them move beyond where they are to where they could be.

Will you join us in this pursuit? Will you help empower us to walk with people for the long-haul, doing the hard work of moving beyond meeting the needs of food insecurity towards the goal of life transformation?

If we are able to find 30 people join what we are calling the SixEight Society for Community Impact, we will be able to meet the current expenses of the food pantry, which will enable us to spend more funds toward the growth and impact the pantry could have.

Our goal is 68 people. 68 people, giving 68 cents a day to the SixEight Society for Community Impact. Achieving this level would allow us to be able to create new programs, maybe be able to buy newer, energy efficient equipment and more.

Will you be one of the 68 people we are looking for? Will you tell someone else about what we are doing? Will you be a part of making a tangible difference in our community?

SixEight Food Pantry is a ministry of SixEight Church, a 501(C)3 non profit. Donations made to our organization are tax deductible.

Simply fill out the secure form below: Put $20.68 in the amount field. Select Food Pantry in the “Give To” drop down. Put in your information, then at the bottom, select “Setup Automated Giving.” Then you don’t even have to remember. You will probably forget and not notice the funds going out of your account. But, I can assure you, WE WILL!

If you would like, you can also select the option to cover card processing fees. (That would bring your monthly donation to $21.57 – an extra 89 cents.)

If you have any questions about the food pantry or what you’re giving to, you can contact us in the church office. Or better yet, you can come see what we do on a Tuesday afternoon. We would be honored to have you.


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