Dignity, Worth & Value

Dignity, Worth & Value

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One of our foundational values here at SixEight is the belief that every human being walking this planet is made in the image of God. Therefore, they deserve to be treated with dignity, respect and have inherent value.

Today, July 12, 2016, we will be opening our doors to distribute food. God has blessed us today with an abundance of food.


Today, our goal is not to give you some food to help you through the week.

Our goal is to treat you like your creator designed you to be treated. We want to give you some dignity. We want to show you respect. We want you to know how extremely valuable you are. And if helping you with food will help restore some of those things, then that’s what it’s here for.

You matter to us. You matter to God. And God wants, in fact, deeply desires for you to know him. And since He made you, we think it’s worth your time and ours for you to do so!

Have a great Tuesday!


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